Documents & Archives Centers

Kwarim offer full solutions in the management of sensitive and valuable documents, whether the document in hard format or E-copy, we ensure our clients records are kept in optimal condition providing complete peace of mind.

Logistic Operations Services & Equipment

Kwarim provide full solutions for transporting valuable and sensitive archives. Institutions trust us to ensure documents are handled with the utmost care and professionalism. All necessary documentation is provided for every project prior, courtesy of a dedicated Kwarim account manager. 


  • Same day delivery
  • Inclusive insurance
  • Secure storage
  • Same day delivery
Logistic Operations Services & Equipment Image

Receiving & Initialization Services

All of Kwarim workspaces are subject to the highest international standards of quality management. In these workspaces, documents are carefully removing of dust and impurities in before the next stage of sorting and redirection.

  • Internationally compliant
  • Fully recorded procedures
  • Separated workspaces


Receiving & Initialization Services Image

Services for Sorting & Shredding

In specialized laboratories Kwarim staff examine assets before diagnosing required treatment. From this stage, they may be sent to one of our dedicated technical departments or to our shredding unit.

  • Targeted document sorting
  • Expert treatment diagnosis
Services for Sorting & Shredding Image

Sterilization & Cleaning Services

Kwarim uses the latest technology to effectively remove all bacteria from client assets. Our expert knowledge in restoration techniques ensures this stage is performed with minimal damage to the asset.

  •  Bacteria elimination 99%
  • Safe to handle certification
Sterilization & Cleaning Services Image

Coding Services

Documents requiring classification will be handled by our dedicated coding department. From here, our team will ensure classification of all documents will comply fully with relevant legislation.


  • Simple management of assets
  • Enhanced cross-laboratory communication
Coding Services Image

Restoration Lab

Any material requiring restoration is sending to the Kwarim restoration lab. Our expert team can restore anything from documents, manuscripts to archives using specific techniques depending on the objective.

  • Latest restoration techniques
  • Highly damaged restoration
  • Year-round support
Restoration Lab Image

Chemical & Biological Treatment Lab

Within the Kwarim restoration lab, chemical and biological treatments can be used to safely remove organic matter from assets. Handled by trained professionals, organic detergents and compounds can be applied to safely restore documents.


  • Acid-free chemical treatments
  • Low-impact biological materials
  • Year-round support
Chemical & Biological Treatment Lab Image

Digital Conversion

Kwarim handles the digital transformation requests of many clients. It provides many services through its consultants who are able to convert all types of files using modern digitization devices.

  • Multi-format digital conversion
  • Custom tags for indexing
  • Fully standardized conversion


Digital Conversion Image

Indexing & Enrichment

Kwarim systems provide full freedom of how your collection is indexed. Our data enrichment solutions provide maximum scope on the final structure of your library.

  • Enrich indexing
  • Easily add metadata
  • State of the art search features
Indexing & Enrichment Image

Control & Authentication

Kwarim offer full digital auditing that operates in synchronize way with the scanning process. As such, this provides complete control over quality enabling any changes to format and verification to be administered immediately.

  • Customizable scanning standards
  • Secure back up server migration
  • Physical asset preservation procedures
Control & Authentication Image

Digital Archiving

Once uploaded, your entire archive is controlled via our archive management system. Designed for ease of use, any record can be accessed and amended in seconds thanks to our advanced search and retrieval software.


  • Advanced search and retrieval
  • Secure storage across all assets
  • Assign archive-specific permissions
Digital Archiving Image

Preservation, Packaging and Binding Laboratory


Kwarim are able to provide any materials required for the safe packaging, binding and preservation of physical documents.

  • Heat and moisture protection
  • Lightweight storage containers
  • Custom protection services


Preservation, Packaging and Binding Laboratory Image

Secure Document Shredding

Our specialized shredding centers ensure all information is destroyed in an entirely secure, environment friendly and internationally-compliant manner. Clients also have the option to support sustainability efforts by choosing to convert waste paper material into raw paper after destruction.


  • Secure shredding
  • Strict security procedures
  • Sustainable contribution
Secure Document Shredding Image

Digitization operation Management

Create the right workflow to digitize assets, assign tasks, track workflows and monitor production through capture systems and manage digitization processes provided by Kwarim

  • Create workflow and main functions
  • Ease of use and flexibility of customization
  • Assign tasks to team members and monitor production
    Digitization operation Management Image

    File & Documents Archive Automation System


    Our archive system protects your documents against misplaced and stolen assets. Not only does this protection feature of your archive, but reduces the day to day time spent resolving these issues.


    • Protects against theft and loss
    • Full record of document holder and asset
    • Install custom notifications
    File & Documents Archive Automation System Image