Physical Volumes Treatment

Particularly valuable or old assets may need unique treatment, With decades of experience, Kwarim use the latest technology to bring historic assets back to life, Regardless of the project requirements, each asset is handled and enriched using scientifically approved practices.

Digital Conversion

From start to finish, Kwarim handle digital conversion for many institutional clients. No matter the requirement, our consultants are able to convert all file types using our state of the art conversion hardware.

  • Multi-format digital conversion
  • Custom tags for indexing
  • Fully standardized conversion
Digital Conversion Image

Data Enrichment & Indexing

Kwarim data enrichment services help you and your team understand the deeper picture behind every piece of data. Data enrichment is made easy via our software, helping to ensure you obtain the most value from the data that you hold.

  • Easily add metadata
  • Classification & characterization
  • Rapid access search
Data Enrichment & Indexing Image

Care of Historical Materials

Kwarim have deep experience caring for high-value, historic materials. Handling an irreplaceable document requires true experts who are fluent in best practices of document protection.

  • Biological and chemical treatment
  • Protective binding and packaging
  • Expert digitization labs
Care of Historical Materials Image