Automation and IOT Applications

Kwarim developed advanced system to manage, control, and automat procedures for a different group of items, team of experts to study and analyzes business requirements in the targeted sectors to develop such system which compatible and meet client requirements and needs in the exist workflow

Automation Solutions

Kwarim automation improves control over your origination structures and projects. Our customized and In-house developed automation software & solutions can reduced the human interaction with minimum level for automation of procedures and tasks


  • Increase Management Control
  • Fully ISO Compliant
  • Improve Data Security and Management 
  • Expert Consultant for entire Project
Automation Solutions Image

RFID Library Systems

Kwarim’s developed RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) based library solution is a complete solution for libraries which is fully based on Saudi-Arabia market requirement based, Solution consist of self-service system for student and librarian without any dependency with most security.  

  • Fully compliant to international ISO standards
  • Easy to integrate with other technologies
  • Easy to maintain and track
  • Multilanguage supported
RFID Library Systems Image

Asset Management System

Kwarim’s asset management solution an automated and complete solution for maintaining asset records, asset history, management with asset owner authorization, a contactless inventory, security, track and trace solution based on modern RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. 

  • Fully-automated inventory
  • Assign multi-asset management
  • Monitor high value assets
  • Easy to integrate with other systems
Asset Management System Image

Advanced Inventory Solutions

Advanced inventory solutions reduce your logistical burden.  Internally, repetitive tasks such as paperwork and counting can be fully handled by our automated software . Externally, customer service can be improved due to a faster service with system generated reports. 

  • Automate logistical burdens
  • Obtain accurate reports
  • Improve customer service
Advanced Inventory Solutions Image

File Tracking & Archive Automation

Our archive system protects your File or Documents against misplaced and Un-Authorized Access. Our system providing a complete solution under one system for file security, tracking and management which improve the organization credibility 


  • Protects against Un-authorized access
  • Full record of document movement and ownership
  • Real-time custom notifications
File Tracking & Archive Automation Image