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Our large experiences in digital transformation journeys, we can accurately define your needs.

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In Karim, we aim to build sustainable partnership with our clients, we are assiduous to be presence in your success journey details.

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Our Solution team will work by your side to develop customized solution based on your needs.

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Kwarim is a world leading provider of information management solutions. We combine expert practices with cutting edge technology to simplify complex information needs for clients across the globe.

The informational needs of two clients are never the same. Our team of specialists first assess the individual needs of each client and then build tailored solutions to meet their goals. This client-centred approach is a key reason why Kwarim is trusted by institutions across the Gulf.   

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Kwarim’s Solutions

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Applications & ECM

From advanced search solutions to manage database, our development team can develop software based on…

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Automation & IOT

Kwarim developed advanced system to manage, control, and automat procedures for a different ….

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Physical Volumes Treatment

 Kwarim use the latest technology to bring historic assets back to life, Regardless of the project…

Why Kwarim?

Digitized Document

Automated Asset

Treated and Restored Document

Created Records

Kwarim’s Sectors

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Kwarim provides integrated solutions for public, academic, and private libraries, which is enabling them to achieve advanced levels of quality……

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Kwarim provides a wide selections of museum services, such as consulting services, planning, digital displays, digital museums platforms…..

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Information Centers

Kwarim provides a number of advanced solutions for studies and information centers, with an aim to increase their effectiveness…..

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Documents Centers

Kwarim offers integrated solutions for documents, archive management and equipping archiving labs by using standard protocols…..

Kwarim’s Clients

وزارة البيئة والمياه والزراعة
Ministry of Education
Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University
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