Kwarim always seeks to serve its customers and ensure leadership for them, by providing the necessary digital tools that help them reach the quality solution which suite their requirements

Museum Management Solutions

Kwarim provides expert solutions to enhance every aspect  of a museum’s operations, with our purpose-built technology, our expert consultants are always there for client requirement analysis and proposed the best match solution.


  • Museum-specific technology
  • Full, native integration
  • Integrated conservation management
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Collection Management System

Our collection management system is trusted by institutions across the GCC. developed with the world leading solution partners, our system provides unrivaled quality and simplicity.

  • Seamless workflow
  • Integrates with digital and online assets
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Kwarim E-Museum

Bring your entire museum online with Kawrim e-museum. Create immersive online exhibitions with ease and then publish it to the world. Costing only a fraction of the price of competitors, Kwarim e-museum is a simple and cost-effective method of reaching an entirely new audience.


  • Match your existing museum branding
  • Multi language translation
  • Multi-format asset management
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Digital Displays

Display the identity of your museum with our digital displays. Our solution has the latest technology to capture the imagination of your visitors.


  • 3D cinemas
  • Video installations
  • Interactive touch screens
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Museum Exhibit items

Owing to our position as leaders in the museum industry, we are able to design and manufacture all exhibit items from start to finish. Our team of consultants will first listen to your requirements and advise on possibilities.

  • Exhibition props
  • Exhibit and display cases
  • Matting and framin


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Sterilization & Restoration Labs

Kwarim’s has proven experience as experts in document restoration that’s why we are trusted with the most complex projects. Our expertise also enables us to advise clients on best practices when building new restoration labs to ensure the highest standards will be met.


  • Acid-free treatment
  • Complete restoration services
  • Expert maintenance
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Digitization & Microfilm Labs

Our full-service digital solutions are capable of transferring the most complex formats such as Microfilm and Microfiche items. During the transition process, custom workflows can be assigned to monitor progress.


  • Hyper-accurate transfer
  • Purpose-built transfer hardware
  • Multi-format conversion
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Consulting Services

Our team of expert consultants sit at the heart of what we do. Before anything else, our consultants meet with every new Kwarim’s client to deeply understand their requirements. Our team will then use their expertise to implement solutions that align best with the unique goals of your business.

  • Big-picture assessment
  • Nominated account manager
  • Legal and administrative consultancy
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