Applications & Content Management Systems

From advanced search solutions to manage database, our development team can develop software based on the provided information structures.

Library Management

Knowledge resources are always growing, That’s why Kwarim is improving the solutions to be fit with the advance knowledge sources and management.

– Dedicated Library Management System

– Arabic Language Interfaces

– Content Development

– Customization Ability

Library Management Image

Digital Repositories

The solution providing tools for your digital asset depository, preservation, enriching, managing, controlling, retrieving, availability and publishing of your digital asset with more access to manage and control.  

– Building the institutional structure within the system
– Setting the standards and steps for preservation and availability 
– Multiple format storage

Digital Repositories Image

Collection management

Whether your collection contains physical books, digital volumes or even works of art, effortlessly manage them all from one place with Kwarim.

– Manage infinite formats in one system
– Easy customization of records
– Advanced search and retrieval features

Collection management Image

Digital Asset Management

Our system gives you full control of how each digital asset is recorded. In-built tools make it easy to add descriptive data and link together separate digital assets. Existing external systems can even be synchronized via our dedicated development team.

– Synchronize existing systems
– Link together assets for custom indexing
– Full customization of records

Digital Asset Management Image

Workflow Conversion

Easily track the conversion stage of any digital asset with our workflow charts. Workflows can be created for any specific process such as quality control, tracking reports, user authorization and metadata extraction. With the ability to add pre-approvals to any process, you retain full oversight of final quality.

– Custom workflow trackers
– Set pre-approval stages
– Assign tasks to your team members based on workflow

Workflow Conversion Image

Document and Archive Management

Once uploaded, your entire archive is managed via our archive management system. Designed for ease of use, any record can be accessed and amended in seconds thanks to our advanced search and retrieval software.

– Advanced search and retrieval
– Secure storage across all assets
– Assign archive-specific permissions

Document and Archive Management Image