Kwarim helps libraries across the globe unlock their full potential. Whether public, academic or private, the core functions of any library are enhanced  through Kwarim world-leading technology

RFID Library systems

Our RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) not only improves security and management for your library, but it can also be used to enhance the patron experience. Entire self service kiosks with RFID technology enabling quick check outs and return library items without involving any library staff.

  • Provide Self-Service System using RFID
  • Fully Compliant to International ISO Standards
  • Capable to Integrate with other Technologies
  • Easy to use System with Security
  • Trace & track Solution
RFID Library Systems Image

Digital Asset Management for Libraries

Manage every asset in your library with one secure platform. Easily split your collection into different volumes for separate exhibitions. Existing external tools can even be integrate with your new system. 


  • Organize your library for different exhibitions
  • Synchronize existing systems
  • Full customization of records
Digital Asset Management for Libraries Image

Library Management Systems

Knowledge resources are always growing, That’s why Kwarim is improving the solutions to be fit with the advance knowledge sources and management.

  • Dedicated Library Management System
  • Arabic Language Interfaces
  • Content Development
  • Customization Ability

Library Management Systems Image


Kwarim offer fully integrated digitalization solutions. In addition to our state of the art hardware, our technical expertise in digitalization mean we are able to handle entire projects on behalf of our clients.


  • Specialized Hardware
  • Dedicated Consultants
  • Full Project Management
Kwarim site Digitization image

Digital Repositories

The solution providing tools for your digital asset depository, preservation, enriching, managing, controlling, retrieving, availability and publishing of your digital asset with more access to manage and control.  

  • Complete digital storage systems
  • Secure long-term solutions
  • Multiple format storage
Digital Repositories Image

Cataloguing & Data Enrichment

Data enrichment is the process of merging external data with an existing source to make more informed decisions for your institution. Data enrichment can help in a number of ways from from analysis to strategical decision making. As per your requirement our team of consultants will help you realis the value of data enrichment.

  • Expert decision making
  • Simplify operating procedures
  • Detailed bibliographic powers   
Cataloguing & Data Enrichment Image