Automation And Asset Management

Automation and asset management

Kwarim developed  advanced system to manage, control, and automat procedures for a different group of items, team of experts to study and analyzes business requirements in the targeted sectors to develop such system which compatible and meet client requirements and needs in the exist workflow. The system provides standardized automation of inventory, security in entry and exit and management of items. The system also offers advanced options for security and protection of items. Furthermore, Kwarim offers customization of the system  and insure compatibility with the various standard systems.

Kwarim offers advanced solutions built to manage and automate logistic inventory management processes, such as inventory reports; request management; paperwork; count, loading, and unloading processes, and customer services. Such solutions reduce error rates and increase repository efficiency.

Kwarim offers Asset management system which enable to registration, documentation, tracking, inventory and movement management of assets. in addition, System provide maintenance of assets, items, and tools in different business environments that require multi-asset management, tracking, and inventory them in an instant or periodically.

Kwarim developed in-house solutions for managing library services management, organizing and security library items. Kwarim's library solutions are fully compliance and integrable with standard library management systems, which ensure the adoption of RFID library system works with the exist library management system all system work is ecosystem. In addition to the multiple options of self-services that solutions offer to library visitors.